[r-t] All 4-runs in a quarter peal

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Fri Jan 23 06:40:51 UTC 2015

Motivated by some of the discussions of the last few weeks, I started to 
wonder whether it might be possible to get all 384 non-treble front and 
back 4-runs into a 7-part 1344 of treble-dodging major.  This is pretty 
constraining, but after a lot of fiddling I managed to do it without any 
occurrences of 3 or more blows in the same place.

Each lead contains at least 7 runs, and each section contains exactly 2 
potential runs (i.e. including things like -7823 that become runs in other 

Not sure quite what to describe it as, since all the leads are asymmetric. 
Free-form treble-dodging, perhaps.

In the present form it has a quite a few "features" generally regarded as 
undesirable.  I doubt anyone would want to ring it.  It is a proof of 
concept to be improved on.  There isn't much flexibility, but it might be 
possible to develop it into something vaguely ringable.

cheers, Ander

PN for a part:






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