[r-t] Methods Committee review of decisions

Leigh Simpson lists at simpleigh.com
Mon Jan 19 12:17:52 UTC 2015

Hi All,

> I agree it's a plus, although as described by the MC, the review does
> appear to be more limited than many of us think is needed.  The MC has
> invited comments, so does it now make sense for the ringing-theory list
> to work towards producing a document that contains our recommendations
> for changes to the Decisions, which we then submit to the MC?

I feel I ought to point out that this isn't the view of the entire MC: rather it was created by Tony to stimulate discussion both within and without the committee (you'll note that the email address for comments is his own).

Please don't infer that this disclaimer is motivated by my opinion of the document, nor allow it to prejudice your own reading of it. I don't yet have an opinion as I haven't yet had chance to digest it myself!

Best wishes,


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