[r-t] Handstroke-home Cyclic Maximus

Jack Gunning jack.gunning at mac.com
Sun Aug 21 18:52:28 UTC 2016

I initially asked Mark:

> I think that there might be a composition based upon maximus principles (similar concept to particles without the mega tittums part of the part), where the hand stroke before the course end or the course end is a rotation of backrounds. Such a composition could be musical, fun and (more) accessible.  I don't know if this is any inspiration at all.  Of course, I'm asking you because I think you might have much better ideas.  

Mark was very generous to say that he had been working with me, he did all of the work after this initial request.  There were twists and turns along the way and what Mark produced was not what I had in mind, but I think that it’s clear I was expecting something I wouldn’t think of.  

So what did I have in mind?  

I thought that a composition based on a similar structure to the first half of Pipe’s particles peals would be a good and well liked.  I’ve not tried to ring a particles peal, but from speaking to those that have, the second half of the part is by far the hardest bit.  Some, not all, also think the first half of the part is the funnest.  I therefore thought it’d be good to have a 12-part comp. based on a similar concept to the first half part of the particles peals.    

I think that the best such 12-part would not use treble dominated methods unless the chosen leads include treble based runs - Pipe’s moons of Jupiter is the only comp. I know of that does this, which also includes the tricky mega tittums half part.  

I realise that this really only amounts to a request rather than a concrete contribution, but I think I am not alone in wanting such a comp.  

So my one contribution is: 
I think it would be good to have a Particles/moons of Jupiter peal without the mega tittums half part.  


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