[r-t] Tenors together spliced maximus

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Wed Jun 1 21:40:56 UTC 2016

Jack writes,

> Would it be possible to just allow the lead of Phobos with the
 > back bells on the front?  I.e. not for the other methods.
 > It really is a good lead.

Yes, already thought of this actually. If we add "7890ET off the front" 
to LB runs and 56s as our concept of music, then a zero-LWM arrangement 
could include this lead of Phobos whilst excluding other, more normal 
back-bell runs. In some senses this is a bit arbitrary, but then I guess 
that's always going to be the case no matter how you count music. If 
Albert Tyler was allowed to say "All The Music" then I am allowed to say 
"Zero LWM"!

I'm boiling this up at the moment. Let me know if you would like any 
other factors tweaked - methods, method balance, COM, seed composition, 


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