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Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Mon Jun 6 07:08:25 UTC 2016

Hi All

Don said " At no time that I can see was there a willingness to accept 
them"if there was a good reason to" -- they were uniformly rejected 
until the rules were changed,..."

Sorry, Don, but this is utterly wrong - because you said 'at no time', 
i.e., never. A trawl of the CC meeting reports yields the following as 
to reason why some were accepted and others not (tho' I haven't found 
the NAG peal I thought I remembered):


Selston, Notts. - 27 January, Plain Bob Triples (Non-Association); 20 
June, St. Simon’s Triples (Non-Association); 23 August, Plain Bob 
Triples (Cambridge UG) - all rung on seven bells. ... there were only 
seven bells in the tower the ring being then in the course of 
augmentation from six to eight. The Council has in the past decided to 
accept peals rung on odd numbers of bells in similar circumstances, most 
recently at Accrington and Broughton-in-Furness. Accordingly we 
recommend that under Decision (D)E, having regard to the local 
circumstances, the above three peals be accepted for inclusion in the 

Matlock, Derbyshire - 17 August, Plain Bob Caters (Derby DA) - rung on 
nine bells. Decision (D) B.5 states that peals of Caters shall be rung 
on ten bells with tenor as cover. The nine bells at Matlock consist of a 
ring of eight and one extra bell, hung for ringing, which does not form 
part of the ring. The tower is not generally recognised as a nine-bell 
tower. We recommend that the peal be not accepted. (A reason why not!)


The following, accredited to the Winchester & Portsmouth DG, was 
published as a peal in The Ringing World but has not been included in 
the analysis. After a careful study of the circumstances, we recommend 
that the Council should accept it as a peal under Decision E.

Portsmouth (St Mary): 5040 Grandsire Triples, on 11 June, which 
contravened Decision A.7 in that the conductor was not a ringing member 
of the band. The circumstances are that it was rung for the 50th 
anniversary of the augmentation of the bells, that the band was of local 
ringers built up over the last three years by Mr. E. Salmons (the 
conductor), that two participants rang their first peal, and that Mr. 
Salmons’ health does not permit him to ring peals. The Winchester & 
Portsmouth DG have strongly recommended to us the worth of this peal.


Lockington 24 November - Stedman Cinques on 11 Bells. Decision B5 states 
that Cinques shall be rung on 12 bells with the tenor as cover. It is 
understood that the 11 bells in Lockington tower are a ring of ten and a 
sharp seventh. We do not therefore consider that this performance should 
be regarded in the same light as those of Caters and Cinques at 
Broughton-in-Furness and Accrington which were rung without cover bells 
when those rings were in the process of augmentation and which were 
consequently accepted by the Council, but rather more akin to that of 
Sextuples on 13 bells (including a flat sixth) at Leicester, which was 
not accepted.

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