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> From: Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
> Even if this were true, what's up with "if there was a good reason 
> to"? Why is a better one required than simply "because the band 
> chose to ring it"?
> If we needed a better reason than that to ring peals there would be 
> precious few of Lincolnshire Major allowed.
> -- 
> Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
You may not like Lincolnshire Major, but the following are plus points for 
a less experienced band:
Right place
Plain bob lead-ends
Only coursing pairs dodging behind (or treble)
Cambridge above
Cambridge place bell order
Places made for only two blows
At most only two places made at any change
Adjacent places only at half-lead and lead-end
Music available in a peal is comparable to Cambridge
You can get bobs-only tenors together peal

Now I am sure there are quite a few methods with those characteristics, 
but most surprise major methods would not meet all those.

Andrew Johnson

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