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> > "divisible into equal parts which are called leads"

'parts' is plural.

To use that as the basis of a prohibition seems quite a stretch, even for
the Legitimate Methods Committee. If it's meant to mean "at least two"
surely it would say "two or more parts". When writing "one or more parts"
you still say "parts", plural. When we say (assuming this is the definition
you choose to use, of course) that "a touch is ringing a method using
calls" that doesn't preclude ringing a touch with just one call*. When we
say "the objects that make up the contents of a set are called its
elements" we are not precluding singletons. And the preceding sentence
implies we're not even precluding a single singleton.

* Yes, that's possible. For example, the (false†) touch of Cambridge Minor
that has but one single Before.

† Though it is possible to use that touch as the basis of a true partial
MEB quarter. Which, if the Council approves the Methods Committee's latest
proposals, will also be allowed at the end of a peal.

Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
"From prohibitions you can tell what people normally do...its a way
of drawing a picture of daily life."
                                  -- Umberto Eco, _Foucault's Pendulum_
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