[r-t] Quarters of Spliced Major

Roddy Horton roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 31 12:17:31 UTC 2017

Richard Smith wrote :--
>Thanks.  Potentially useful, but as you suggest a little simple for this particular requirement.  There is a similar
>1568 with slightly bizarre part ends in the diary attributed to you and Hull: BFFBLLG/ = 5786342.  Possibly those part ends have some charm, but at present it eludes me.

I have no idea where this submission came from and I have not worked with Mr Hull on it. My original peal composition did start life as a seven part BFBFLLG/ but over the years that it got extended into peal length it lost a lot of its ancestry!

We also rang this one a few years ago  but it is only the standard 8.

1792 Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
  12345678 Bristol
  14263857 Superlative
  13527486 Cambridge
  17856342 London
s 15378264 Rutland
s 17253486 Pudsey
s 13286745 Lincolnshire
- 12645378 Yorkshire
s 15678234
7 part.
224 each method.
55 com, all the work.
34 forward roll ups at the back,
28 backward roll ups at the back,
19 forward roll ups at the front,
17 backward roll ups at the front.
54 combinations of 5678 in 5678.


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