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> On 3 Jan 2017, at 23:51, Jack Gunning <jack.gunning at mac.com> wrote:
> I’ve been musing about a B12 comp.  
> I think 4-bell lb runs are a bit ‘meh’ on 12.  I prefer 5+ lb runs but there are only so many of them.  I think it’d be cool if there was a comp that maximised lb stuff by using tit-tums back bell positions to ring lb 5/6 courses ‘twice’.  I like the idea of the back 6 bells coursing - this spreads the back bells across the row and gets ‘most’ of the mega-titums effect (my personal, very debatable, view)...

I think this is a neat idea! Runs are nice, but when ringing I always find myself listening to the coursing music as much as roll ups –there’s something quite captivating about the slow progression of a scale, spread throughout the change.

My instinct is that the most efficient way to set this sort of thing up would be to use a link method to get the back bells into the tittums position. I’d much rather learn a new method and have good music than ring just the one and go without, but that’s just my preference I’m sure.

It’s not the most elegant solution, but -1290.78.169-127-14, LH: 1645237T8E90 works rather well – the front 6 bells ring two leads of Bastow, nice and simple. So, for example, you could start with two 18-bobs before, and ring one lead of the link method at the course end to get to 1234567T8E90, giving two courses of settling time before moving into a tittums block.

From there, you can do whatever you like. Getting the back bells in their home positions is easy enough, using something like -16.7T.16.9T.1678.90.16-16-16, LH: 12345679ET08

Here’s a back-of-the-napkin first attempt: 

4964 3-Spliced Maximus
234567890ET      M    B   W   H
35264                          x                 
56342                          x
(one lead of x1290.78.169x127x14 at the course end, calls now from the POV of the tenth)
43652                   -                         
64352                                     -
56342                                -
24365                   s          s-
(one lead of -16.7T.16.9T.1678.90.16-16-16 at the course end, calls from the tenor’s POV again)
64325                               s             
234567890ET       s          s     s
Backrounds, Reverse Waterfall, [assorted runs]
In case my email client has ruined the formatting, here’s a link to it on Complib: https://complib.org/composition/32174?accessKey=9379ecf6005e3071a134ee48eb9baac065dedc18

Of course, any gibbon can see that this is not a very good composition – it’s not musically optimal, it’s inelegant, and it’s a lead or so too short! I’m not sure I can do much better with just pen and paper though. I’ve listened to this on a simulator, and the results are somewhat pleasing: having the back 6 bells in tittums for a long time lends a unique flair to the music, and coupled with little bell runs it’s quite satisfying. 

It would be nice to see this sort of idea go somewhere – for those of us that haven’t rung a particles peal, it’s perhaps a slightly easier way of getting to ring some tittums music across the whole change. I look forward to seeing what more clever people than I can come up with.


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