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Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Tue Jul 24 12:22:54 UTC 2018

Hi All

Alan Reading: "Isn't there an additional rule....."

Yes. Looking back over the history of this, the elements of the Decision 
came from a desire to 'preserve' what were seen to be 'characteristics' 
of the parent. Given that the original decsions came from Minor as the 
initial stage, then the places adjacent to the treble or not when in 
3-4  would preserve many things at once. The class (Surprise or not) and 
the characteristic work in Surprise or TB as examples.

SH: "Hmm.  I thought Llanbadarn Fawr could be considered a valid static 
extension of Yelling because the work below the treble consists only of 
sections with place notations found in the Major method - namely xxx, 
34x34, and x12x - and in the same order ; all connected by 
cross-sections 1n. Evidently I don't understand the rules."

The rules were set out by those who understood what they trying to do, 
but this was nearly 70 years ago. They did the best they could at 
writing them down. Adjacent means precisely that. An adjacent place is 
one where a bell makes a place with one blow (or more) next to the 
treble. So it could be 2nds place at the lead end (two blows), or 4th's 
place over the treble is a method such as Oxford Bob (one blow).

Historically, there has been a lack of worked examples. These show how 
the rules are to be applied. Just writing down a load of rules by 
themselves can be like explaining the colour of the blue sky to someone 
blind from birth. Wihtout examples, we see 'through a glass darkly'.

As regards software, Richard Smith produced extensions for the Minor 
method 'from the book' but he has lost this software, though I do have a 
copy of the results. MBD, GACJ, et al. wrote some software about 18 
months ago. (I'm sure they won't mind if I mention that they both had 
difficulty with what adjacency actually meant. 'Touches' the treble 
might be a better word.)

b.t.w., I seem to remember that 'DNCB Royal' is not a true extension of 
the Major which is a quasi-reason the 2nds place version cannot be 
called Hereward - but I need to get my pencil and paper out.

Best wishes

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