[r-t] Start from backstroke - A question from a novice in technical matters

Richard Bimson rbimson79 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 26 21:46:37 UTC 2018


Thank you.  The person who has questioned the use of "Start at backstroke" instead of start from/at handstroke has said that he thinks it must be from handstroke because CC Decisions D.A.1 state that "A peal shall start and end in rounds" and therefore the start of the peal (in normal terms) is the backstroke preceding the first non-rounds handstroke (what you refer to, I think, as row -1).  So as a peal must start in rounds, he argues, that you can never describe a peal as starting at backstroke if that backstroke is not rounds.  This is a perhaps an esoteric, but nevertheless, interesting argument.  I wonder does it have any other adherents?

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