[r-t] Central Council Methods Library

Michael Richardson mike at richardson.ch
Thu May 31 15:14:10 UTC 2018

> 1) You say “the link to it” — I see no such link to it in
> <https://cccbr.github.io/methods-library/index.html>, just the three buttons
> for Text, MicroSirl and XML. Here’s what I see when I go to that page:
> <http://www.ringing.org/html/cccbr-methods.jpg>.

The first line of the http://methods.cccbr.org.uk/ page which Graham
linked to was:

"The Central Council’s Methods Library is now maintained using the
[Composition Library] website."

where [Composition Library] was a link to that site.  The page I
linked to was from the "Search for methods" dropdown next to the
search box in the Composition Library pages' menu bar.


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