[r-t] Washbrook's "4 part" peal of Stedman Triples

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Sat Sep 21 10:30:45 BST 2019

I can get a true composition by moving the extra Qs to the 3th 
> and 9th parts:
> https://complib.org/composition/56235
> Presumably this is the correct arrangement? I wouldn't be certain, given 

> the published figures, that a true peal was rung, but Washbrook knew 
> what he was doing and it seems unlikely he'd have got the parts wrong 
Do you want to update your version with the figures from my version
and change your notes section removing the ringing.org reference, 
or do you want me to publish mine
and I'll add a note to your source (G&B Compositions ?) and you delete 


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