[r-t] Find an extent using only the place notations 1,7,345

Robert Bennett rbennett1729 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 06:35:28 BST 2020

A method with a plain hunting treble:
This has 3 leads to its plain course, and is symmetrical (like a bob course
of grandsire triples).
If the second 345 is changed to a 7, a usable call is produced, affecting 2
x 3 bells.
These would join 6 courses together.
The extent is 360 leads, or 120 of the 3 lead courses, or 20 of the 6
course blocks.
In principle, the 20 blocks could be joined together, either using an extra
345 to replace a1, or changing a 345 to a 7.

Robert Bennett
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