[r-t] Find an extent using only the place notations 1,7,345

Alexander E Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Thu Jul 16 11:14:26 BST 2020

Not so clear.  The calls you mention don't change the parity of the 
number of blocks, so how could they join an even number of blocks into one?

On 16-Jul-20 6:35 AM, Robert Bennett wrote:
> A method with a plain hunting treble:
> 345.
> This has 3 leads to its plain course, and is symmetrical (like a bob 
> course of grandsire triples).
> If the second 345 is changed to a 7, a usable call is produced, 
> affecting 2 x 3 bells.
> These would join 6 courses together.
> The extent is 360 leads, or 120 of the 3 lead courses, or 20 of the 6 
> course blocks.
> In principle, the 20 blocks could be joined together, either using an 
> extra 345 to replace a1, or changing a 345 to a 7.
> Robert Bennett

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