[r-t] Triples puzzles

Alexander E Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Mon Jul 27 12:56:45 BST 2020

I'm not sure whether my preferences are that relevant, but as far as 
what I personally would want to ring, I think I would favour an 
interesting principle or other method with calls that are not too 

But my original post should be viewed more as an attempt to provoke 
interesting discoveries rather than a commission!

On 25-Jul-20 12:19 PM, Richard Pullin wrote:
> I'm now working on the place notations 7,1,345 puzzle (significantly 
> harder) so it might be a while before I think of any nicer approaches 
> for this puzzle. Would you prefer a composition with fewer long/short 
> leads, or just a completely different approach such as a principle?

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