[Bell Historians] Bells with Laver pot and Trefoil shields.

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Tue Sep 17 20:03:01 BST 2002

I have not read it.
I have tried to get my hands on books at libraries but
find a lot have disappeared and the price they want
from secondhand book shops is beyond my reach.
--- George Dawson <George at d...>

I assume you have read Sussex Bells & Belfries by
George Elphick, page 47?<BR>
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Subject: [Bell Historians] Bells with Laver pot and
Trefoil shields.<BR>
> I am looking in to bells with laver pots and or
trefoils on them. I<BR>
> have found one bell that has both on it and a
cross which is in the<BR>
> picture section. I have other bells with laver
pots and or trefoils<BR>
> on them but but a slightly different cross. The
one kindly posted by<BR>
> David Bryant. They all seem to have differant
types of lettering<BR>
> also. I have not yet come across two bells which
are identical in<BR>
> marks and lettering  but not wording. 
I still have to go and look at<BR>
> some.<BR>
> I am coming to the assumption that the laver pots
and trefoils were<BR>
> either guild marks or foundry marks rather than
the founder him self.<BR>
> One discription in church bells by HB Walters
says the laver pots<BR>
> could be the mark of the potters the early bell
founders and the<BR>
> trefoils the arms of William underhill. I have
been in touch with the<BR>
> Underhill name foundation and they have not come
across any recorded<BR>
> evidence that the trefoils where used before by
the underhills before<BR>
> about 1475. The first person that used it was
John of Ettington born<BR>
> 1459 died 1518<BR>
> My ancesters used the trefoils also but I do not
yet know when they<BR>
> started to use it.Some thing I am still working
> Does any one know it there was a reason they used
crowned capitals.<BR>
> I am going to look at the bell made by my
ancester at Kingston church<BR>
> Cambridgeshire soon date to be fixed. I am
willing to look at any<BR>
> thing if any one is after any information on them
while I am there.<BR>
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