Large steel bells

jim phillips jim at p...
Tue Sep 24 21:29:56 BST 2002

>I was wondering if anyone has seen the 70cwt steel bell by Vickers
>that is/or was hung at the Italian church,Hatton Garden,London.
>I am particularly interested in how it is/was hung, and whether or not
>it is/was of good tone.

It was rung on a regular basis on Sunday afternoons in the 50's and could be
heard from St Paul's following the afternoon ringing. That was before all
the tall buildings were erected and I doubt whether you would be able to
hear it from the same place now. It sounded like a deep toned dinner gong,
quite unlike the sound a conventional bell of that weight would be expected
to make. Bill Hibbert (not the real one) would have fun analysing the
harmonics of such a beast.

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