[Bell Historians] Wormhill

P. W. Gay p.w.gay at e...
Fri Sep 27 11:33:42 BST 2002

I remember reading somewhere that in the 1850s Taylors cast a small ring of
eight bells to exhibit at an exhibition in Belgium, presumably with the
intention of demonstrating that they could cast small bells as well as the
continental foundries. After the exhibtion the bells were brought back to
Loughborough and stored in the foundry. It was about ten years later that
they were sold to Wormhill, but with a more recently cast tenor. 
Possible reaspons for the tenor replacement might include:

It wasn't a satisfactory bell - not likely given the reason for casting the

The original tenor had been sold already

Wormhill wanted one of their new bells to have a customised inscription.

Having rung on these bells both before and after their recent restoration, I
can confirm that they are vastly improved in all respects, and are now a
model of what light bells can be like. Even the relative absence of hum can
be seen as a good feature - it enables the bells to be rung quite fast
without the sound becoming indistinct.

Phil Gay 

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