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Taylor, of course, call the "inscription band" the "mulley groove"

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Interesting! I've taken to calling the decorated area just below the=20
shoulder the "shoulder band", because it _doesn't_ always contain an=20
inscription. And even if it does, there may also be inscriptions=20
elsewhere on the bell. I've seen them on the waist, where they are=20
usually arranged to be viewed from one side of the bell. (Is "side"=20
a body part or not? :) Of course this is most common for custom=20
inscriptions, but some bellfounders have put their own maker's mark=20
there. (McShane and Fulton are two that come to mind.) I've also=20
seen the maker's inscription standing on the bead at the tangent=20
between concave waist and convex soundbow (American branch of=20
Rincker) as well as on the soundbow itself (Pyatkov and other Russian=20

The various locations of inscriptions might be a good topic for an=20
illustrated Webpage. Or has someone already done that?

At 16:49 +0100 on 2002/09/27, David Bryant wrote:

> > Comments? clarifications? other body parts used in reference to bell=
>It means the inscritption band, i.e. just below the shoulder. Victorian
>writers are often apt to use flowery terminology, in some cases of their=

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