Bell weights and notes

Richard Offen richard at s...
Sun Oct 3 22:34:38 BST 2004

To join the bell weights debate, in 1995 we had the bells at St 
Michael with St Paul, Bath re-tuned and they are a considerable 
improvement on what they were. We were supplied with a list of 
weights by the main contractor and they were different to those 
measured by Whitechapel:
> Treble: WBF 5-1-2 (Contractor 5-1-6)
> 2nd: 5-3-5 (5-3-6)
> 3rd: 6-0-24 (6-1-2)
> 4th: 6-2-24 (6-3-0)
> 5th: 7-1-6 (7-1-3)
> 6th: 8-2-2 (8-2-0)
> 7th: 11-0-20 (11-0-17)
> Tenor: 14-1-9 (14-2-0)
> What this shows is that we believe quoted weights to be accurate to 
the nearest pound, however they are only as accurate as the scales 
used and it seems that in at least one case accuracy to the nearest 
pound is not being achieved!
> Dave

Were you able to discover which were the more accurate?


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