Re (3): [Bell Historians] Pitch Standards

Richard Offen richard at s...
Thu Oct 7 10:35:17 BST 2004

--- In bellhistorians at, s.ivin at n... wrote:
> > I have had a very large involvement in the purchase of a great 
> > bells (at least 40 immediately spring to mind!) 
> I meant personally, not with someone else's money. I can answer that
> question if I'm asked, but modesty causes reluctance.
> I still maintain 'caveat emptor'.
> Steve

What on earth is the relevance to this discussion of whether it's 
one's own money or someone else's? 

Surely good stewardship and value for money is vital in both cases? 
In fact, as a professional fundraiser I would maintain that I should 
be even more prudent with the funds at my disposal.

Anyway, this discussion is of absolutely no relevance to the 
Historian's List, so let's leave it there shall we!


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