Grumpy Me

Hoppy (s) john at j...
Wed Oct 27 18:29:17 BST 2004

Hi Peeps

Sorry to be a grump but can we please be a tad more careful when quoting
other peoples's messages? It's not a bandwidth problem (with me
anyway) but it is sometimes so difficult and time consuming to sort
out the actual, often short message from the massive quotes! Today's
digest is a prime example. :-)

While I am here, I haven't forgotten about the Bootle inscriptions.
Re pigeon poo the PCC has agreed that it is THEIR problem and not that
of the ringers and have have tendered and accepted a quote. Can't
tell you the price but it is vast. Does, though, include a physical
and biological clean up and possible culling. Anyone else have any
experience of this?

Sorry about the 2 off topic bits. :-(


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