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That would be my choice Richard. But, it has to be remembered that St
Barnabas hasn't had regular ringing in living memory. The report on the
bells says that, judging by the indentations on the bells, they have had
very little use. So we aim to go very carefully forward. If ringing produces
a lot of complaints, the sound control would not be fully opened. Then
perhaps after a few years of regular ringing we could try for more sound.

The bells were rung, for a few years once a year on Barnabas's day. This
stopped in the 1960's when the then vicar, Fr Fox, told the assembled
ringers that they couldn't ring that year as there has been a compliant the
year before.

If you look at the pictures we sent to Dickon Love for his web site, you
will see that the ringing room still has its gasolier. The only electric
light is a single light over the door. Very interestingly however, the clock
hammers were pulled off by an electrical apparatus. Pictures of all of this
on Dickson's web site.






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My intention is to make the first full circle
> ringing of the bells a kind of public rejoicing occasion. With the 
> press et al. For this I want the bells to be very loud. Then, when we 
> sound control in, the populace will hear the difference in volume. I 
> from long experience, that fixed sound control can lead to the general
> public assuming that the bells are as loud as they can be. 

What's wrong with installing variable sound control? 

By installing a variable system, you can have both loud ringing for 
special occasions and the sound much attenuated for others. Far 
better to do this from the outset, then situations, such at the one 
which prevailed at Trinity, New York, until the sound control was 
fitted, will not arise.



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