[Bell Historians] St. Barnabas Pimlico

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Surely it depends on ones definition of very little use Chris. There have
only been 10 recorded peals on the bells in 160 years. There were a batch of
q/ps rung in the late 1800s and then silence. It would seem likely that the
Ellecombe frame connected to the clappers was to discourage full circle
ringing. It certainly would be a chore to have to untie the clappers each
time the bells are rung up. And so far we have found no trace in the records
of a local band ever being formed. The q/ps were rung by such as Chas





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Alan says "The report on the bells says that, judging by the indentations on
the bells, they have had very little use"


The Felstead database records ten peals on the bells between 1851 and 1902 -
not a lot, but indicative of more than "very little use"


Regarding St.Peter's Eaton Square, I think the G&J bell is probably still
there - but if anyone fancies visiting I'd be keen to know for sure what's
up there. I visited the church about 5 years ago, and there's a swing
chiming rope. The verger would have let me up the tower, but neither of us
quite had the time there and then - and I never got round to paying another




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