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Christ Church Jerusalem Tubular Bells

In response to David's query:

Very briefly, the firm of Harrington, Latham & Co began the production of tubular tower bells about 1887, just in time for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. Their firm was then situated at The Butts, Coventry. They later removed to premises at Earlsdon Road Coventry, and about 1914 changed their name to Harrington, Holland & Co. The latest set of theirs which I have located was put up in 1925 at Christ Church, Chatham, Kent.

>From time to time, regular bell founders and bellhangers have attended to such sets, and provided they are loked after they can provide a reasonable qualithy of sound. Unfortunately such care is often lacking. They can never replicate the sound of "proper" bells, but that is no reason why they should not be cared for and used. I know that the present day English bellfounders and bellhangers will  give advice on receipt of a serious enquiry.

You will find an excellent example of tubular bell chiming on Laurie Alexander's contributions to you tube - try for some clips.

Attached is a well-known advertising print for tubular bells.

Happy Easter to all

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