[Bell Historians] Lichfield bells and Elias Ashmole

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I have never heard the suggestion that they were 'cast heavy' to allow for a
12. The late Paul Taylor was a regular visitor on a Sunday afternoon. He
always said that they were 'the best peal of 10 that Taylors had ever cast'
and he drove from Loughborough to enjoy them time and time again.  There
appears to have been no shortage of money in 1947 and perhaps Taylors wanted
them as a show piece.


Unfortunately the Chapter minutes of the time contain only skeleton
references to the recasting of the bells. However in a recent clear out of
an old filing room at the Cathedral a bundle of correspondence has been
discovered which appears to include letters about the 1947 recasting. When
time permits this will be examined in detail and might throw more light on
the matter.



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