Leicester Cathedral tenor

George Dawson george at TxjtOmgDbaBubweXiwfzHmHafDwNMDqwcABPSxyK0BT4wiiyu-oFjWao6VQXQqIRxrBDpqkQCWcOzkGKbT7X-Afb9bkv9Cc.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jul 11 14:33:56 BST 2012

It was probably a 'wind up' but I did give it a little credence because it
was a Freemason who told me!
Leicester Cathedral tenor has the Arms of the Freemasons on it with a
dedication that it was the gift of the Freemasons but I don't know if that
applies to the bell or the ring.

Only the tenor. The rest have individual dedicatory inscriptions as to the
donors of the cost of recasting.



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