[Bell Historians] Lichfield bells and Elias Ashmole

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Here are the references:

"Lichfield Bells, and the Society of Loyal Youths in the City of 
Lichfield (1686-90)" in /Ringing World/ 27 May 1983 pp.423-4; "Some 
background to the Lichfield Youths" by John C. Eisel in /Ringing World/ 
24 June 1983 p.504; and letter by Christopher J. Pickford "A curious 
decision" in /Ringing World/ 15 July 1983 p.576

"Bishop Hacket, Richard Keene and the Bells of Lichfield Cathedral 
(1670-1688)" in /Ringing World/ 1 June 1984 pp.461, 468-71 and 8 June 
1984 pp.493-4

I find that I've scanned the second of these (the less relevant to  this 
thread) and not the second, although there are some Ashmole references 
in the Hacket article too. I'll scan the other one when I can. In the 
meantime, scanned text (NB E&OE as unchecked) of the 1984 article attached

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